Focus on products
Tilos is a product-focused company developing anti-LAP antibodies for the treatment of cancer, with additional early efforts in fibrosis and autoimmune disease. Tilos is building on decades of work by its scientific founders in understanding the role of LAP-expressing cells in immune regulation to rapidly bring anti-LAP antibodies into clinical development.


Breadth of anti-LAP opportunity
The complexities of LAP-TGFβ expression and regulation have created a rare opportunity to develop a rich pipeline of antibodies against this unique target for multiple clinical applications. LAP-TGFβ is expressed in different contexts on different cell populations and in the extracellular matrix, and Tilos’s antibodies are able to differentiate between these different presentations. As a result, Tilos is able to modulate the function both of TGFβ and of the inhibitory cells that produce it in totally novel ways. Tilos believes its antibodies have the potential to be foundational assets in oncology, fibrosis and autoimmunity.


Tilos was founded based on research from Drs. Galina Gabriely and Howard Weiner at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Weiner has been working for many years to understand the control factors that are altered in patients with serious autoimmune disease. That research led his lab to a focus on LAP and the expression of LAP on clinically-relevant suppressive cell populations. The Weiner lab developed antibodies specific for LAP and showed that these antibodies have a powerful effect on tumor growth in established animal models. Tilos was created to advance this exciting research into the clinic.